Thursday, May 3, 2012

Down, But Not Out


Can't Kill Me That Easy

i weathered the main storm but it looks like they are still out to capsize the boat. Most of my time now is spent in job searching mode. And that takes a lot of time and effort. So much so that I'm usually too tired to vid.

I just hope that I can find something new and exciting soon. SOmething where I don't feel like I have to look over my shoulder constantly.

I still have a lot of ideas rattling around in my brain. Just no real I really need to vid kinda moments. But it will come back - soon I hope...


  1. I really hope you find something, or maybe you have already. I lost my desire to vid when YT started becoming a wasteland. But it's slowly creeping back as I find new TV interests. I miss your vids. Hope to see more originals soon!

  2. I found I didn't have time for many of my old activities like the blog. But I haven't given up vidding all together.

    You can find my new ones at