Friday, April 13, 2012

Why The Public Domain Project?

clarus-dogcowA few of my vidding friends wonder why I abandoned my previous vidding fandoms in favor of this public domain path. It's not because I don't love them anymore. It's cause I was tired of the hassle I was receiving.

What is The Public Domain Project?

It's an idea which popped up after I kept getting ContentID warnings from YouTube. It really started to get annoying when in the matter of two weeks I received 15 ContentID warnings. I wanted to try to do something that YouTube couldn't touch. Public Domain material seemed like the natural way to go.

There can't be that much Public Domain material around. What do you have to work with, a couple of silent movies?

In the beginning that's what I thought might be the case. But I was surprised as I found more and more that was classed public domain. Tings become public domain for a variety of reasons. If the copyright was posted incorrectly the material automatically fell into the public domain. And other times the owners just forgot to renew it.

Still, there can't be that much to work with. It has to be a somewhat limited pool.

That's true. Nothing produced today will ever fall into the public domain in our lifetime [unless the creator wants it that way]. But I'm more and more surprised at what is available.

But what about any Good Music

True that there are many a Songhai would love to use. There's not more using any Mike Post music. And for a while I thought I wouldn't find anything good. But I was turned onto the Audionetwork site which has quite a few excellent composers. Seem of these composers are professional musicians who place part of their portfolio on-line for purchase at a reseat able price.

So what's reasonable?

I've picked up stuff from for a donation of $5/song and picked up a few at Audionetwork for the price of $1.35/song. I'd say that's a pretty reasonable price.

And this music is good?

Yes, and mostof it is performed by live musicians, not a one-man synthesizer band. There's a distinct difference between synth instruments and real instruments. A few of the songs I've purchased were performed by philharmonic orchestras.

So what's the biggest lure of public domain?

Between working with unfamiliar video material and searching for new songs I'd say it's the boost it's given my creative spirit. Working with copyrighted shows and themes I was doing far more copying than creating.

What are the pros?

The best thing is the thrill of the chase. Tying to track down whether something I've found is public domain. And after that the fun of clipping something that hasn't been done before. Also, the amount of new music I've been listening to. Many of these composers I wouldn't have never found had it not been for this project.

What are the cons?

The cons are more than the pros. The biggest one is the quality of the footage I find. Sometimes the only footage I can find of something is a copy of an old rip. since it's public domain there's not much incentive to produce a good copy from the original masters. The other one, and perhaps the worst one, is the lack of recognizable themes. That was usually the best hook I had previously. All the openings I do now are mostly originals.

What's next?

I have decided to not hold back on any idea. I used to attempt to cater to certain fandoms in order to get more views. I loved the vids I did but found that the little odds and ends one were more satisfying. With this project it allows me to take it to the next level. Anything I find that's in the public domain can, and will, be remixed.

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