Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vidding With Blinders On

drawingBoard, Scanned picture from a publication issued by the company S.K.F. (SKF) around 1940-45.

And I Said The Music Was Tough

Yeah, finding the right music is tough. But another tough part is starting to clip a movie before you actually know what direction it's going in. Sure, there are some standard scenes that I know will be in any opening credits but without a theme song some of the more subtler clips won't be perceived until later. Which means another trip or two through the whole movie.

So I'm continuing to clip Charade and pulling out the standard material in-between listening to a whole lot of new music on I've found a few but nothing that really screams that it would be the perfect fit for Charade.

The problem is I'm not sure what style I want to take this movie. My first thought was to do it as a spy thriller. Sure there was a lot of spy sort of stuff going on but it was also a romantic comedy of sorts. So that means it could go in that direction also. Then again, I could take it in a direction nothing like the original movie plot.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

As I said, these types of remixes are much more difficult than when I was working with all copyrighted material. Then I had a some video from a show and I knew exactly which musical theme I was going to match it up with. But then again, those used to only take a day or two. And the satisfaction level was not quite as exciting as when I started vidding. The Public Domain Project takes me into areas which demand a lot more thought and a lot more work. Sometimes the projects take one to two weeks to complete. But when they're done I notice a higher level of elation than before.

So even though it's a lot more work there's a lot more satisfaction in the end...

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