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Remix-An Interesting Read

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A Good Book For Vidders

I'm currently reading John Lessig's book, Remix. It deals with how society has dealt with, and appears to wants to , deal with how society deals with people who create with other people's material. With the technological changes that have occurred in the past few decades it has now become possible for nearly anyone to create things with what they have in their possession. This wasn't the case a century ago.

Throughout this article I will refer to anything people did in the past as remixing.

Remixing In The Past

100 years ago remixing was far different. There was no fancy equipment to find and maintain material you liked. You couldn't sit in your room and review everything that came before. Most of it came from hearing or seeing it live. And from that memory you would be able to take it in a new direction. Create something different. [ i.e. make a new version from something else ].

Remixing Today

With computer editing software and the availability of so much footage it's not surprising that there are so many remixes out there. This is sort of what I had envisioned doing years back but without the equipment and source material it was never going to happen.

WE take the content of today and create a new cultural path with these vids. And that's what is upsetting to the owners. You are essentially changing their original concept. And some of them don't like it.

Remixing Tomorrow

I believe there's a change blowing in the wind. And it's an ill wind coming from the whole copyright vs. fair use battle. Most of it is fueled by greed. Green in thinking that if you're using something from your favorite program [ music or video ] you should pay for it. And if you won't, or can't, pay the big bucks to use it then it should be discarded because the owners know what's best.

Right now it's getting harder and harder to get a song past the YouTube content sniffers. I imagine that any day soon that might come to past for video footage. Although that might be a wee bit more difficult.


I began to wonder if the stuff I'm vidding will eventually come under fire. There are tales of material that was once public domain which has been recategorized and went back into copyright status. The prime example is It's A Wonderful Life. Remember when it was shown nearly everyday in the month of December? That's when it was considered a public domain movie. It's a complicated legal issue which I will not get into here.

So even I am not safe. I figure the majority of what I have will maintain its status but who can tell what will happen in the future...

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