Friday, April 6, 2012

Everything Is A Remix


Kirby Ferguson

In searching for various articles about Copyright and Remixing I ran across these amazing videos by Kirby Ferguson. It's an encapsulated history of remxing and how it's been overshadowed by people who want to appropriate ideas as copyrightable.

It's well worth the time to watch all four parts to learn where the roots of our vidding culture began. You can watch parts 2-4 on or no his Vimeo page

Everything is a Remix is produced by me, Kirby Ferguson, a New York-based filmmaker. This site is a companion piece to the four-part video series. The first three episodes of the series have been published and part four should be released in late November. Donations are much appreciated and help me devote as much time as possible to research, writing and production.

You can keep up with this series via email, Twitter, Facebook or Vimeo.

I do a twenty-minute presentation based on this series that applies well to any and all realms of creativity. I’ve spoken at Google, Netflix, the GEL Conference, Creative Mornings NYC, The Cusp Conference, Media Evolution, The Creators Project, Campus Party Mexico City, Columbia University, NYU and more. I’m also available for panels, question-and-answer sessions, or just about anything.

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