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Charade, The Series

neverApologizeSpy thrillers were so much less complicated back then...

Charade, The Series

Well I finally got around to using Charade. It wasn't for lack of trying. I just didn't have a clear idea what I wanted to do with it.


It was another long bout on Audionetwork. Originally I was looking for something that reminded me of the Charade theme. But finding a Henry Mancini sound alike was too much to ask. So I began thinking of other avenues. Charade was a sort of Romantic-Comedy. Possibly I could take that route. But after an unproductive search I gave up that line. So I decided to look into the spy type theme. Previously I had found a few which I had labeled as a James Bond style theme. Charade wasn't an actual spy movie but maybe attaching a spy theme to it could take it in that direction.

Action vs. Talking

Though there's murder and some gunplay in the movie it mostly consists of people talking. Seems to be true of most movies. That was going to reflect the style of the opening I would do. Cary Grant had a reasonable amount of action shots but the only real action I found from Audrey Hepburn was her running. Okay, like it or not, she would have to just be the "pretty one" of the team.

And as usual finding clips of the stars posing in a closeup without talking is difficult. I found a great one of Hepburn but found none for Grant and Marlin. Oh well...


I wanted some bumpers to place between certain sections. I decided to use some still images from the movie. Although I planned on using many of them only two ended up in the final product, The Embassy plaque and the sunglasses.

The other bumper I did use, although not really as a bumper, was the stamp motif. There were a few quickcuts of stamps toward the end of the movie. I had clipped them the first time through figuring I would use them somewhere. Then after the sequences were nearly complete I found I had no place to put them. Since they are so important to the overall theme of the movie I had to make room. So I interspersed them between the running scenes at the end. They actually fit in well and made that sequence move better.

The Beginning Clip

After deciding to place the resort scene at the beginning I knew I'd have to go find another piece of music. Couldn't use Mancini's music.


Wanted a font which bespoke the era. Cooper Black is one identified with the 60s. Too bad it's identified with a show from the 70s, The Odd Couple. But that's close enough. Anyway the font was originally designed in 1921.

The Quinn Martin Style

I love the Quinn Martin openings especially The Streets of San Francisco. Unfortunately I don't have a good voice for a voiceover. I wanted to do something akin to the guest star thing segment since there were some excellent actors doing the bad guys. I decided to created a circle shape to place the pictures. But that meant I needed a long clip for the background. Luckily there was just such a clip with the ferry. It only needed extended a few seconds to reach the end of the guest star shots.

When Vaunda saw that segment with the guests in the rondel and the ship in the background she commented it reminded her of the Love Boat opening. Guess everything we do comes from somewhere, doesn't it.

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