Sunday, April 8, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different



As you may, or may not, know most footage shot by the government is instantly in the public domain. It's been like that since, well as long as filming has been around. So that's why I've decided that I want to do something with the footage shot by NASA. There is some breath-taking footage shot for the shuttle mission and also material from the International Space Station [ISS]. As of yet I'm not sure what form the final project will take.

Previously I had done a piece with the last shuttle mission done to the tune of Space: 1999. Guess it's time to start another search on audionetwork for some type of Sci-Fi sounding theme.

The material on the space exploration is probably at the top of the list for the government footage.


I've also run across quite a bit of footage that was shot during the Viet-Nam war. Not enough to see a clear path to a vid but I'm keeping this in mind.

World War II

And it appears that the army was very keen on documenting almost everything they did during the second world war. Like the previous entries I'm not sure just what I can make with this material but I'm collecting and reviewing.

The biggest, and best produced, was a show called, "The Big Picture". Very well produced and extremely usable.


There's also many other areas of film that I have yet to scan over. I definitely won't be making a vid for every type of footage but it's nice to know that it's available.

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