Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Alive, Just Busy


Real Life Trumps My Hobby

It would be nice if this was the only thing I had to think about. BUt it isn't. Occasionally Real Life pops up and demands most of my attention.

New Projects

But I've got some really interesting thoughts that have made it to the light of day. One of these thoughts deals with a movie that really, I doubt anyone would have thought about vidding. But so I don't curse myself I'm not revealing the name of the movie. I've talked it over with my beta and she thinks it would make for a truly bizarre little mashup.

I've also gotten an idea [also from my beta] for a non-public domain vid. Gasp! It won't get posted here but I'll probably post a link to it. Since it deals with hockey teams it won't be posted until sometime close to October when the new season starts.

And I still want to do something with the NASA footage. All that government footage is public domain. Something should be done with it, don't you think?


Yeah, this task never goes away. I'm still working on converting the movies I've obtained. It's a slow, slow process. And after the conversions then comes the burning. SOunds like such a vicious cycle.

And of course there's the never ending task of finding music. Sometimes it feels like the worse chore. I never know if I'm going to find anything worth while. At least in the sense that I could use it for these mashups.

But I do have a few good choices on tap and can slow up for now. At least will I start using what I've gotten. One less thing to worry about.

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