Friday, March 2, 2012

A Short Update


Is It Friday Yet?

Posting has been a little slow. More time devoted to work instead. Never enough time for what makes me happy - vidding.

I'm still in the process of converting movies and I just picked up another one of those 50 movie packs. This one is Musicals. Again, I'm not sure just what will become of this but it's good to have the source material.

I've been sorting through the movies I downloaded previously from The Internet Archive and the ones I bought. There are some duplicates and I need to remove the downloaded versions as they are, for the most part, of lesser quality. But not always.

There's Always The Weekend

Yes, there always is a weekend. But that doesn't necessarily mean I'll have the time to vid. This weekend Beverly and I are taking in a photo antiquities museum then going to a Gillbert & Sullivan play that night. And Sunday is a day for a whole lot of nothing. Including vidding. But a restful weekend is always welcome.

And of course Beverly gets to critique the beginning of the vacation vid.

If nothing exciting happens then I'll probably post again Sunday or Monday night.

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