Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sherlock Is On The Case

drawingBoard, Scanned picture from a publication issued by the company S.K.F. (SKF) around 1940-45.

Over The Hump

And what a hump it was. The clipping part is now the easy part.The first run through of the movies is to get acquainted with the material and to cut out a few will absolutely need later clips. Then as the vid is in progress I'll have to go back to find those special pieces.

Sounds Like A Winner

Believe it or not I did find a song for the Sherlock vid last night. In fact, I found a few that would work. I played them for Vaunda today and although she liked them all she had the same pick as I did. I'll be purchasing it probably later this evening.

Unfortunately does not have an embedding function.

And even though they have multiple versions of the same song in various lengths I may still have to cut this one specially. it's either 30 seconds, one minute, or full length. I do wish there was a minute and a half version. But you can't have everything.

So much To Do - All The Time In The World

Tonight I will be concerned with finishing up the preliminary scrubbing and clippings. I've got 66 clips right now and that encompasses basic clips of all the major characters. I know there will be gaps that will need filled.

And I need to decide on a font. That shouldn't be too hard as the choice of fonts during that time was minimal. But I could always go off the grid and pick something a bit newer. Like maybe the font used my the BBC Sherlock.

And although it's not a Beverly weekend I have much to do outside of the house. That means not a lot of progress on Sherlock.

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