Thursday, March 29, 2012

Roger Corman - My Favorite Director


Corman's World

Just watched a throughly entertaining movie about Roger Corman. If you don't know who Roger Corman is you need to look him up and check out one of the over 385 movies he has been part of during his career. Movies like Little Shop of Horrors [1960], The Pit and the Pendulum, The Raven, Grand Theft Auto, The Wild Angels, Death Race 2000, Piranha, Sharktopus to name a few.

But I digress.

I believe what inspires me the most about Roger Corman is his attitude of doing what he wants rather than doing what he was supposed to do to become a big Hollywood name. Since the 50s he has followed his muse and created his movies. He also has the distinction of always being profitable. Something that many other movies makers can't say they've been. [ think of the $350 million budget for John Carter ].

So why am I fixated on Corman? Probably cause I identify with him in certain aspects. He never really followed the trends of Hollywood. And while all the people he worked with took off in more popular directions he continued doing what he loved. What he believed in. He was following his muse. And it's that following one's muse which I have done here.

My work is now less than 1% as popular as when I was vidding currently popular shows. I was having fun then, I won't say I wasn't. But it was slowly getting boring. Going from start to finish on a vid in one day was less than satisfying.

Then the copyright problems started and I dropped the currently popular shows. I decided to see what might be available in the public domain world. After initially being apprehensive about what I might find I found far more that I bargained for. It was quite a surprise just how much I had to work with. It wasn't the best material available but that made it even more of a challenge.

But back to how this fits in with Corman. He decided to make movies he believed in even at the cost of never being taken seriously by Hollywood. In a way I've done the same thing. I've taken up working with video and audio that people are not familiar with. That kind of behavior never makes you popular. But the truth is I have never been more satisfied with the work I've done.

I still dabble in the copyright world once in a while when I see something that is just too good to pass up but I've grown to love the world necessary while working on these public domain pieces. They give me a sense of accomplishment I wasn't getting before.

I feel like the offbeat arthouse student amidst the traditional painters who have big patrons. But I will continue to work on my little art projects cause they make me happy.

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