Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Intro


It's About Time

When I moved over to start doing public domain vidding I figured I needed a new opening. Something to differentiate the old from the new. Of course I didn't get it done before I had completed the first five vids. So I figured that before I did anymore vidding I would sit down and finish the new intro.

It's based on the Marvel flip-book sequence used for all the superhero movies. It appealed to me in the sense that it doesn't concentrate on any one character rather it tries to show many different angles to the whole. Thus I was able to bring in clips from dozens of movies in show 1-3 frame clips in an extremely quickcut style.

This is still a beta. There are some effects that need tweaked and colours that need fine-tuned. But overall, this will be the new intro. A little longer than the previous one but I really couldn't see shortening it.

The vid title will appear over the final logo at the end.

And believe it or not the entire intro was created in Final Cut Pro. I thought I wold need to bring in Motion for this vid but all the tools I needed were available in Final Cut.

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