Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Thought About AudioNetwork

Why I Like Audionetwork

Big reason I like the music there is so much of it is created with real instruments, not synths. The other reason is the lack of prominent drum machines. So much of the other music I've run across start u the drum machine and lay on other synth instruments over it. What you get is a pounding beat that starts to get very annoying.

For least project, The Holmes and Watson Mysteries, you can hear that the violin is real. There's a certain timbre that belies a real instrument. Had it been done on a synthesizer you would be able to hear the difference instantly.

Some of the music is actually played by philharmonic orchestras.

The song I found for the Sir Lancelot vid contains a couple of medieval instruments in particular a beautiful sounding harp.

Yes, I am very satisfied with the music I've been finding...

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