Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [9]


Three Months After Going Public Domain

In the beginning I wondered. "Just how much is really out there. I'm not going to have any good footage to vid!".

Boy was I wrong.

YES, there is less footage, and YES, it's not as high of quality cinematographically. But what it lacks in those areas it makes up in making me have to think out how to overcome problems. How can that be an advantage? Let me 'splain.

The Old Days

Previously I'd get a chunk of footage, usually some beautiful HD stuff and find an opening that I thought fit. The footage was all nicely colour corrected already with very little work to do. And the openings I was doing were all mapped out. I look back now and see quite a bit of it was merely cut-and-paste. Tme from start to finish was usually one or two days.

The New Days

Today I work with footage which is of widely varying quality. Some of it has come from the original master prints. and that makes it nearly as good as some of the HD stuff I used. Other footage looks like it came off a VHS transfer. That stuff takes a lot more work. Some of it is of such questionable quality to make it unusable for vidding. Truth is, I've actually used some of that. It wasn't for lack of trying to find a better copy though. Working with this type of footage makes one have to be very apt with working with filters and effects.

As for the opening and the music I no longer have that template laid out for me anymore. First I have to go look for music which sounds like it will fit the show. If I'm lucky I find something that sounds similar to an actual TV show. But that's the exception rather than the rule.

Then I have to listen to a couple times to get the feel of where I might place certain parts. Just how many character credits do I think I'll be able to fit into that space.

Next I have to decide what credit styles I will create. This is both a relief and a curse. I can finally create credit styles how ever I want. Bt I notice when I'm stuck there are times I miss the days when someone else had done the grunt work and all I had to do is figu out how to replicate them.

Finally I decide if I'm going to add any other effects, transitions, or whatevers to the piece. This can be very difficult at times. I want to put some finishing touches on the vid but don't want to over do it. A good vid can be red if the vidder puts too many effects in a vid. I try to stay with the theory of a few good ones are better than a lot of bad ones.

Output Numbers

The number of vids I put out now comes in at around 25-30% of my previous output. By the end of March I will have done five vids using public domain material. By contrast in 2011 my output by the end of March had been 12 vids using copyrighted material.

Funny thing is these five vids constitute far more work than the 12 from 2011. I don't miss vidding my previous fandoms. All, just a little.

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