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Deep Thoughts About Vidding [8]

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Holmes & Watson - But What If...

Having just finished the vid The Holmes and Watson Mysteries I wonder, "What if I had used the BBC version of Sherlock instead? How might that changed its viewership?". I even had the strange little thought that maybe I should actually make the vid and see. But I decided against.

It's A Moot Point

Let's say I had used Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman instead of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Would the vid have been better embraced? Would people, who passed over Rathbone, clicked on the play button for Cumberbatch? Would it NOT Languish in Obscurity?

The answer is probably YES [but we'll never know for sure]. And it all comes down to the same thing I've mentioned previously, Content vs. Technique. Obviously I would have performed the sliding panels exactly the same for Cumberbatch as I did for Rathbone. But in this scenario Cumberbatch and Freeman would have been the ones floating around the screen. And people love pictures of their favorite stars.

And currently I'd have to say there are more Cumberbatch fans than Rathbone fans on YouTube.

Fandom Always Wins

When you consider the average viewer on YouTube you're looking more at someone who is probably more a fan of a show rather than a fan of the technical aspect of vidding. That's not to say that many vidder's aren't wonderfully apt at the technical end cause I know quite a few of them. The fact is that is not what the majority of viewers are looking for.

If a fan of Sherlock Holmes is on YouTube then chances are they want to see the current BBC version, not a 70 year old version starring people they've never heard of. That's not Sherlock to them.

So You're Okay With This

Certainly I'm okay with this. This entire new path is for me to see if I can create in the style I used to with, what I like to call, "less than stellar footage in both quality and design."

Let me 'splain.

The Main Difference

Today we are very used to our shows being filmed in HD footage. It's wonderfully crisp and clear with beautiful colours. But working with footage 50 years old and more I'm often confronted with footage that has a lot to be desired. Often it has not come from the original 35mm print and is sometimes grainy or you can see the remnants of bad processing at the top and bottom.

And the staging of the shows is far different also. There's more unique camera angles and different types of shots that were never used in the first half of the 20th century. Instead of the five or six standard shows you get to work with in older movies each director wants to create something new and exciting. Thus, more unique footage.


All of these handicaps amount to two things. One it's definitely more of a challenge to vid with older material. You have to work a lot harder sometimes. and Two There are times the footage used contains people the viewers don't know. And if they don't know them, they usually don't watch them.

If you go down this path be prepared for a lack of interest in your vidding.

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