Friday, March 30, 2012

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [10]


Familiarity vs Bright And Shiny New

I checked out a collab vid that a friend of mine participated in. In this vid she used footage from a show that she was unfamiliar with. She said it was the most difficult vid she'd done because unlike Supernatural, the show she usually vids, she had no clue where any particular scenes were. She had to do a lot more searching than normal.

Now I find that funny as that's par for the course with what I vid. Most of the footage I use comes from movies and TV shows that I have either never seen or seen many years ago. Thus I have to scrub the entire footage several times to find the clips I need.

Apart from most vidders only wanting to vid shows they like I believe the other reason no one else [at least no one I've found] vids public domain stuff is due to the lack of knowing the material well enough. When I was vidding Doctor Who I could see a scene I wanted to copy and 9 timeS out of 10 I could locate the exact scene in a few minutes. Comes from seeing the shows way more than once.

But when I was clipping footage for The Holmes & Watson Mysteries I can't remember how many times I had to go through those movies hoping to catch a glimpse of a clip I could use. I hadn't seen these movies in over 30 years or more.

Believe me, it's a lot more work doing it this way than when you are 100% familiar with a show. Ad the time it takes to find the clips can be double, triple, or more. It also requires a lot more patience. Cause after you've worn yourself out looking for that non-existent clip you relegate yourself to using something else. And that something else is probably something you haven't clipped yet.

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