Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Intro


It's About Time

When I moved over to start doing public domain vidding I figured I needed a new opening. Something to differentiate the old from the new. Of course I didn't get it done before I had completed the first five vids. So I figured that before I did anymore vidding I would sit down and finish the new intro.

It's based on the Marvel flip-book sequence used for all the superhero movies. It appealed to me in the sense that it doesn't concentrate on any one character rather it tries to show many different angles to the whole. Thus I was able to bring in clips from dozens of movies in show 1-3 frame clips in an extremely quickcut style.

This is still a beta. There are some effects that need tweaked and colours that need fine-tuned. But overall, this will be the new intro. A little longer than the previous one but I really couldn't see shortening it.

The vid title will appear over the final logo at the end.

And believe it or not the entire intro was created in Final Cut Pro. I thought I wold need to bring in Motion for this vid but all the tools I needed were available in Final Cut.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Update

drawingBoard, Scanned picture from a publication issued by the company S.K.F. (SKF) around 1940-45.Here's a little update to the projects that I've got going. Seems like there are always multiple things to work on.

Plus it's springtime and that means I'm going to be spending more weekends in the garden. Not really my idea but Beverly likes her garden. One must keep their relevant other happy...

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [10]


Familiarity vs Bright And Shiny New

I checked out a collab vid that a friend of mine participated in. In this vid she used footage from a show that she was unfamiliar with. She said it was the most difficult vid she'd done because unlike Supernatural, the show she usually vids, she had no clue where any particular scenes were. She had to do a lot more searching than normal.

Now I find that funny as that's par for the course with what I vid. Most of the footage I use comes from movies and TV shows that I have either never seen or seen many years ago. Thus I have to scrub the entire footage several times to find the clips I need.

Apart from most vidders only wanting to vid shows they like I believe the other reason no one else [at least no one I've found] vids public domain stuff is due to the lack of knowing the material well enough. When I was vidding Doctor Who I could see a scene I wanted to copy and 9 timeS out of 10 I could locate the exact scene in a few minutes. Comes from seeing the shows way more than once.

But when I was clipping footage for The Holmes & Watson Mysteries I can't remember how many times I had to go through those movies hoping to catch a glimpse of a clip I could use. I hadn't seen these movies in over 30 years or more.

Believe me, it's a lot more work doing it this way than when you are 100% familiar with a show. Ad the time it takes to find the clips can be double, triple, or more. It also requires a lot more patience. Cause after you've worn yourself out looking for that non-existent clip you relegate yourself to using something else. And that something else is probably something you haven't clipped yet.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Roger Corman - My Favorite Director


Corman's World

Just watched a throughly entertaining movie about Roger Corman. If you don't know who Roger Corman is you need to look him up and check out one of the over 385 movies he has been part of during his career. Movies like Little Shop of Horrors [1960], The Pit and the Pendulum, The Raven, Grand Theft Auto, The Wild Angels, Death Race 2000, Piranha, Sharktopus to name a few.

But I digress.

I believe what inspires me the most about Roger Corman is his attitude of doing what he wants rather than doing what he was supposed to do to become a big Hollywood name. Since the 50s he has followed his muse and created his movies. He also has the distinction of always being profitable. Something that many other movies makers can't say they've been. [ think of the $350 million budget for John Carter ].

So why am I fixated on Corman? Probably cause I identify with him in certain aspects. He never really followed the trends of Hollywood. And while all the people he worked with took off in more popular directions he continued doing what he loved. What he believed in. He was following his muse. And it's that following one's muse which I have done here.

My work is now less than 1% as popular as when I was vidding currently popular shows. I was having fun then, I won't say I wasn't. But it was slowly getting boring. Going from start to finish on a vid in one day was less than satisfying.

Then the copyright problems started and I dropped the currently popular shows. I decided to see what might be available in the public domain world. After initially being apprehensive about what I might find I found far more that I bargained for. It was quite a surprise just how much I had to work with. It wasn't the best material available but that made it even more of a challenge.

But back to how this fits in with Corman. He decided to make movies he believed in even at the cost of never being taken seriously by Hollywood. In a way I've done the same thing. I've taken up working with video and audio that people are not familiar with. That kind of behavior never makes you popular. But the truth is I have never been more satisfied with the work I've done.

I still dabble in the copyright world once in a while when I see something that is just too good to pass up but I've grown to love the world necessary while working on these public domain pieces. They give me a sense of accomplishment I wasn't getting before.

I feel like the offbeat arthouse student amidst the traditional painters who have big patrons. But I will continue to work on my little art projects cause they make me happy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Need A Title Sequence - Now

drawingBoard, Scanned picture from a publication issued by the company S.K.F. (SKF) around 1940-45.

The Video Was The Easy Part

In my last post [which was only a few minutes ago] I mentioned a movie that I didn't what to reveal the name of. I wasn't sure where it might go. But the universe must have had other plans for this vid. Something decided to kick me in the ass and point me in the right direction.


Then occasionally things just kind of unfold perfectly right before your eyes. I landed on something which is usually unheard of in most TV shows and movies. I found a clip from this movie which clocks in at over one minute in length. But that's not all. This clip has absolutely no talking in it. Nada!!!

It consists of one thing. The actress exiting her car and walking along a pathway. And she's in the exact outfit that I need her in for the opening.

So What's Left?

As the title of this post says, I need a Title Sequence. The rest of this week will consist of thinking up, designing, and executing a title sequence for his opening.

ETA For This Vid?

Not really sure on that one. This weekend if a gardening weekend, not a vidding one. It will all depend on whether I have any kind of flash of brilliance tonight and luck with the construction.

So who knows. But it will be coming soon...

Still Alive, Just Busy


Real Life Trumps My Hobby

It would be nice if this was the only thing I had to think about. BUt it isn't. Occasionally Real Life pops up and demands most of my attention.

New Projects

But I've got some really interesting thoughts that have made it to the light of day. One of these thoughts deals with a movie that really, I doubt anyone would have thought about vidding. But so I don't curse myself I'm not revealing the name of the movie. I've talked it over with my beta and she thinks it would make for a truly bizarre little mashup.

I've also gotten an idea [also from my beta] for a non-public domain vid. Gasp! It won't get posted here but I'll probably post a link to it. Since it deals with hockey teams it won't be posted until sometime close to October when the new season starts.

And I still want to do something with the NASA footage. All that government footage is public domain. Something should be done with it, don't you think?


Yeah, this task never goes away. I'm still working on converting the movies I've obtained. It's a slow, slow process. And after the conversions then comes the burning. SOunds like such a vicious cycle.

And of course there's the never ending task of finding music. Sometimes it feels like the worse chore. I never know if I'm going to find anything worth while. At least in the sense that I could use it for these mashups.

But I do have a few good choices on tap and can slow up for now. At least will I start using what I've gotten. One less thing to worry about.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot-The Redo

I was surprised to find that the 1956 Lancelot TV show from ITV was public domain. But I was really glad when I found out it starred William Russell. Ian Chesterton to any classic Who fan.

Here is my tribute to one of the first Who companions from his starring role as Lancelot.

Full project details under the cut

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [9]


Three Months After Going Public Domain

In the beginning I wondered. "Just how much is really out there. I'm not going to have any good footage to vid!".

Boy was I wrong.

YES, there is less footage, and YES, it's not as high of quality cinematographically. But what it lacks in those areas it makes up in making me have to think out how to overcome problems. How can that be an advantage? Let me 'splain.

Monday, March 19, 2012

And You Thought SOPA Was Bad...

Round 2

This thing just won't stop. Now the RIAA has gotten the ISPs to do their dirty work. And it has the potential to wipe out an untold number of people's lives with the fines they could impose.

Petition for RIAA and the Obama Administration: Stop ISPs from launching a massive copyright spying scheme this July 12th

Go read and possibly sign...

The Vidding World

I don't see how this could NOT affect the vidding world. They're not just chasing illegal downloads. They'll be going after every instance of every song which means that any vid is a potential target.

A Personnel Experience

Personally I decided years ago to not fork over anymore money to people like that. Last year we went to a folk festival and my relevant other wanted the CD of one of the groups. I asked if this music was labeled by the RIAA. The girl told me no, it was on an independent label. So I bought the CD.

Had it been labeled by the RIAA I would have bought a t-shirt or something else and we would have done with out the music.

I like what Thomas Fortenberry had to say about it on his blog.

I have an idea for fairness. Why doesn’t RIAA pay damages, restitution, lost time, usage fees, and back royalties to all the thousands of artists that have been defrauded over the decades, especially those guilty of performing while minority. Secondly, they can cough up all the gouging profits they have made off consumers for the past few decades, over-charging us for compact discs that cost less than five cents to make, and send everyone in America a check for the difference.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Thought About AudioNetwork

Why I Like Audionetwork

Big reason I like the music there is so much of it is created with real instruments, not synths. The other reason is the lack of prominent drum machines. So much of the other music I've run across start u the drum machine and lay on other synth instruments over it. What you get is a pounding beat that starts to get very annoying.

For least project, The Holmes and Watson Mysteries, you can hear that the violin is real. There's a certain timbre that belies a real instrument. Had it been done on a synthesizer you would be able to hear the difference instantly.

Some of the music is actually played by philharmonic orchestras.

The song I found for the Sir Lancelot vid contains a couple of medieval instruments in particular a beautiful sounding harp.

Yes, I am very satisfied with the music I've been finding...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's Coming Down The Pike.


Too Many Ideas

Well the Holmes & Watson vid is done. So it's time to start thinking about what's next. When I started this I was afraid that there wouldn't be enough to keep me busy. Guess I thought wrong there.

And with these projects taking longer to complete than my old mashups the output will be less. But that doesn't mean it will be any less complicated or less interesting.

Oh yeah, it will be less interesting to some people due to its subject matter. But that's another story that's already been hashed out.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [8]

Deep Thought, This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Holmes & Watson - But What If...

Having just finished the vid The Holmes and Watson Mysteries I wonder, "What if I had used the BBC version of Sherlock instead? How might that changed its viewership?". I even had the strange little thought that maybe I should actually make the vid and see. But I decided against.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Holmes and Watson Mysteries


Old Tyme Mysteries

Deciding what to do with the Sherlock Holmes footage was hard. A lot of the buddy style openings used to have a lot of action shots. And believe be, there was a definite lack of action shots in these movies. Most of it consisted of people standing around talking. Nope, this wasn't going to be an action opening. And there was nothing that could be used to do a sitcom. Well maybe there might be but it would be a stretch. That meant I was going to have to fall back and just do it as a mystery show.

Project Notes Under The Cut...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Time Flies...

drawingBoard, Scanned picture from a publication issued by the company S.K.F. (SKF) around 1940-45.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Right now I'm guessing that the Sherlock Holmes vid will be finished either tonight or tomorrow. Once I found the music everything took off.

Been There, Done That

I had done an opening in this style once before but as always there were shortcuts taken either due to time constraints or lack of knowing how to make something work. So this time around I decided to make sure all the parts worked the way they were supposed to. I'll detail all the pertinent information in the project specific post.


One thing I notice, quite a bit, is the lack of interesting shots that are available on more modern shows. Most of the angles and set shots are very, very common. Nothing interesting. So I have to search and scrub more than I used to.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sherlock Is On The Case

drawingBoard, Scanned picture from a publication issued by the company S.K.F. (SKF) around 1940-45.

Over The Hump

And what a hump it was. The clipping part is now the easy part.The first run through of the movies is to get acquainted with the material and to cut out a few will absolutely need later clips. Then as the vid is in progress I'll have to go back to find those special pieces.

Sounds Like A Winner

Believe it or not I did find a song for the Sherlock vid last night. In fact, I found a few that would work. I played them for Vaunda today and although she liked them all she had the same pick as I did. I'll be purchasing it probably later this evening.

Unfortunately does not have an embedding function.

And even though they have multiple versions of the same song in various lengths I may still have to cut this one specially. it's either 30 seconds, one minute, or full length. I do wish there was a minute and a half version. But you can't have everything.

So much To Do - All The Time In The World

Tonight I will be concerned with finishing up the preliminary scrubbing and clippings. I've got 66 clips right now and that encompasses basic clips of all the major characters. I know there will be gaps that will need filled.

And I need to decide on a font. That shouldn't be too hard as the choice of fonts during that time was minimal. But I could always go off the grid and pick something a bit newer. Like maybe the font used my the BBC Sherlock.

And although it's not a Beverly weekend I have much to do outside of the house. That means not a lot of progress on Sherlock.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music Used To Be The Easy Part


Times Have Changed

Currently I'm in the process of clipping the Sherlock Holmes movies. That's the easy part. But it wasn't always that way. Used to be this was the difficult part scrubbing through all the footage to find the material. The music was already selected and ready to go.

But now, I have the footage but it takes quite a while to find the music I want to use. So it's listening to tons of material in the hopes that something will strike my muse. I have a few nibbles but nothing concrete.

But I do have some excellent leads for future projects.

There's A Lot Of Music Here

I know I've only scratched the surface here. Every search I do brings up more good music. My database it beginning to fill up. You can't save playlists on unless you become a member. And becoming a member is $500. Not really a price I want to pay just for my hobby.

So I use the worlds most popular database program Excel to keep track of songs I like. Then I can go back and revisit just what I need when a project demands it.

So What Type Of Opening Will This Be?

As of right now, I have no idea what I will be using with the Sherlock Holmes footage. At one point I was considering doing a comedy [ or even a romantic comedy ]. But I'm not really into shipping Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

I just spent the last three hours mulling over music in my library and new songs on audionetwork. Hopefully I'll find something I like before it's time to bed.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who's Next In The Queue?

drawingBoard, Scanned picture from a publication issued by the company S.K.F. (SKF) around 1940-45.

And They're Off

Now that I've got some source material I can finally get back to doing what I like best. Actual vidding! It's not an Instant Gratification Project but the Sherlock Holmes movies with Basil Rathbone are on deck.

I've started clipping the movies taking out some general material I know I'll need. You always need those posing shots. You know, the ones where the actor stands there usually not speaking but you can get a good look at them. And also any good action shots I see along the way.

The Music

Yes, I will have to start dwelling into the music sites again to find something good. Good and that fits the bill. But at least I've now got a good idea which of the sites will produce what. The results of finding music that sounds like actual themes has been very underwhelming. It's either not there or I'm just not looking in the right place.

Basil Rathbone is not my favorite Sherlock Holmes but he's the one I have the most free footage of. I have The Woman in Green, Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon, Dressed To Kill, and Terror By Night. I really wish his Hound of the Baskervilles version was available but you can't have everything.


I remember when I used to have an idea in the morning and could sometimes have the vid finished before I went to bed. Those days are far behind me now. I will need to find something else to act as instant gratification. Those were nice when I just needed a little pick-me-up.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Short Update


Is It Friday Yet?

Posting has been a little slow. More time devoted to work instead. Never enough time for what makes me happy - vidding.

I'm still in the process of converting movies and I just picked up another one of those 50 movie packs. This one is Musicals. Again, I'm not sure just what will become of this but it's good to have the source material.

I've been sorting through the movies I downloaded previously from The Internet Archive and the ones I bought. There are some duplicates and I need to remove the downloaded versions as they are, for the most part, of lesser quality. But not always.

There's Always The Weekend

Yes, there always is a weekend. But that doesn't necessarily mean I'll have the time to vid. This weekend Beverly and I are taking in a photo antiquities museum then going to a Gillbert & Sullivan play that night. And Sunday is a day for a whole lot of nothing. Including vidding. But a restful weekend is always welcome.

And of course Beverly gets to critique the beginning of the vacation vid.

If nothing exciting happens then I'll probably post again Sunday or Monday night.