Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That's A Bit Steep For A Hobby


The Ups and Downs Of It

I like audionetwork.com. It's a way to find music to use for vids that not going to get your vid taken down. And at $1.35/song it's totally a bargain. But there are a few drawbacks to the site [not big ones but still].

You'll Always Be My Favorite

There's a favorite button next to each track which allows you to save that for listening to later. But there's a catch. Those favorites are stored only so long as you are logged in. As soon as you logout, or are bumped out for some reason, your favorites are cleared.

I hear you saying, "Well that's a sucky way to handle something like that!". And you're right. But it's not the only way they handle favorites. If you'd like to maintain your favorites in project folders you can become an on-line member. Then all the songs you've marked as favorite will be retained the next time you login.

But here's the kicker...

Ouch! That's Pricey

The lowest price for on-line membership is $150/year. If you're doing something professionally and you need to maintain a library for projects that are making you money then yes, it's a good idea. But for the everyday vidder that's not a very financially wise move.

The Solution That Works

My solution to the whole matter is to copy the information for the song and paste it into an opening text document I have so I can type in the name next time and find it. Not the most perfect solution but it works. Then when I'm ready to purchase one of the songs I login, toss the song in the cart, and check out.

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