Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking A Breather Between Rips

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Still Busy

Ripping over 50 sides of DVDs takes time. And I don't want to interrupt the process or it will never get done. But in the mean time I've been mulling over what's next.

This is a good time for planning projects. Making sure all the ducks are in a row before heading out in a new direction. General ideas are behind the cut.

The Flipbook Opening

clarus-dogcowI always wanted to tackle the opening sequence to Marvel's movies. You know, the flipbook one that runs for about 11 seconds. It's probably going to take longer than many of the other vids I've done. It's got extremely fast quickcuts and a ton of effects from motion blurs to lots of alpha channels. See below.

So I'm searching through my crop of material to decide what might fit into this sequence well. I've got a few ideas and will be making a decision sometime this week and probably start working on it this weekend.

Vacation Pix

appleMotionNo, I haven't forgotten about the vacation vid. I'm still working on the colour correction of the bluish photos. And have begun narrowing down the pix I will be using.

I have also found a style of motion graphics I want to try - Kinetic Typography. Most of the examples I've found are solely text based. But I want to combine that style with the photographs I have to create a sort of hybrid.

Ive found some great examples and will be exploring this avenue. Here's one I love. Beautiful work and currently a little more than I'll be able to accomplish. But you got to start somewhere.

Another motion project will be a Fringe style opening. That one is just a seedling now waiting for the project idea to germinate it.

Some Music Is So Elusive

Mike PostThere are quite a few TV opening credit mashups I'd like to do. Problem is I can't find the proper music. Most of the composers that offer music for free or an insanely low price seem to love that overly dramatic, pounding drum machine, eerie sounding stuff. And that's just not the case for most TV opening themes. Sometimes I don't believe they know how to compose in a major key.

As of yet I have still haven't found anyone who writes anything vaguely similar to Mike Post. When I do find that composer I'll be picking up most of their music.

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