Monday, February 13, 2012

Right In Front Of My Nose...

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I Feel So Dumb

I can't believe I missed it. I really can't. It was one of the biggest sources and it slipped past me.. What am I talking about? Netflix, that's what.

All that checking on the internet for movies to download and I didn't once think I should look to see if I could actually have the disks sent to my house. I feel really dumb right now.

That means two things. First, I will have a much better quality for many of the movies I want to vid. Much better than the 360 x 240 pixel versions of some of the stuff. That will make a much better end product. Second, some of the projects will have to wait. If I think of something I don't currently have in the library then it will have to wait until I change the queue in order to get in it. I actually saw the Green Hornet serial I used in the last vid. Don't know the quality but it surely couldn't have been any worse than the one I used.

This also means I'm going to start ordering some of them now. I'd like to have a least a little supply on hand. Just in case the muse comes a'knocking...

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  1. I remember when the Netflix revelation hit me with a vid I made a few years back. It was a total DUH moment. But right now I'm only on streaming. Still, it's a great way to get clear footage.