Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Question Of Resolution


iPad or MacBook

I still intend in trying a motion comic. But I'm unsure as to whether I will try to do it on the iPad or move back to the MacBook and PhotoShop. I know what Photoshop is capable of but I'm still unsure of the quality I could do with the iPad.

Vaunda [my beta] says, "If you start out with the lower quality on the iPad you can always move up to the hi-definition of Photoshop. People don't mind an increase in quality. But if you start with Photoshop then decide to give the iPad a try it might not go over well cause you're decreasing the quality." That's why I listen to her.

The biggest advantage of the iPad over PhotoShop and the Wacom tablet is the ability to turn the iPad as I'm drawing. Sounds like a simple thing but it is acts much more like natural drawing. With the Wacom tablet you can turn it but the screen on the computer stay stationary.

On the other hand when your working in 300dpi in PhotoShop you can make some really detailed shadings. You can never get more than 72dpi in SketchPro on the iPad.

But the interesting thing in this experiment would be akin to what I'm doing with the public domain movies. Can I take something of less quality and turn it into a first rate piece? It's sort of irresistible.

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