Monday, February 20, 2012

Not The Fun Part Of Vidding


And The Ripping Begins

Figured I'd better get started. There are 24 disks to rip then they need the individual movies converted. It's amazing how much non-vidding work needs done.

I've checked the Sci-Fi movies and it seems like all 50 are Public Domain. I want to make sure before I start using any of them. I don't know the quality yet, I'll see when the conversion process begins. But you can never tell if you're getting a print made form the master 35mm film or a 3rd generation copy from a VHS tape. I can already guess that the Rocky Jones episodes will be crappy. Everything I ran across says they looked like 3rd gen VHS rips. Can't have everything...

Then I've got to enter them all into the movie database I've started. Then I have to get it moved over to the iPhone. That way if I'm out and about and see a big bin of cheap movies I'll have the list with me.

I'll probably add movies I don't have but might want. Sort of a Wish List.

So it's 2200 hours and Castle is about to start. I got 14 sides ripped and that's a good start.

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