Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Library Just Got A Boost

projector, last week of two found me wanting to get in as many of those PD movies as possible.

First it was going to be the download route from The Internet Archive. Lots of stuff but some of it as middling quality.

Then I looked at Netflix. It's a find way of getting them but at two DVDs at a time it would take quite a while to build up the collection. Besides, I like my Netflix account for other movies and TV shows I'd like to watch, not just vid.

Next I began checking out the local library system. I already know they have a pretty extensive catalog of TV Shows on DVD and found many from the list on The Internet Archive. Their problem is that many patrons don't know how to take care of the disks and you often end up with one that won't play or has problems.

Well, finally I checked my last venue. Boy did I get an interesting surprise...

50 + 50 = 100

Here are two great collections which I'm ordering from Along with the Anniverary edition of Charade [another movie I will be vidding] my total was $42. That breaks down to 0.41¢ per movie. I can definitely live with that. And after I get that in I won't have to worry about scrambling around looking for source video.

EDIT : I just canceled Charade cause I ordered it through Netflix. he price is now at 0.28¢ per movie. Even better!

50 Sci-Fi

50 Sci-Fi Movies

The amount of PD Sci-Fi movies will always be a minuscule percentage of what's out there and the variety will be narrow. But I was glad to see how many there actually are. And this little package, shown to the left, contains some of the ones I fully intended to use from the start.

I know there will be some in this package that, no matter what, I will never vid with. But that's OK. I will fully get my use out of it.

The Amazing Transparent Man, Assignment: Outer Space, The Astral Factor, Attack of the Monsters, The Atomic Brain, Battle of the Worlds, Blood Tide, The Brain Machine, Bride of the Gorilla, Colossus and the Amazon Queen, Cosmos: War of the Planets, Crash of the Moons, Destroy All Planets, Devil of the Desert vs. the Son of Hercules, Eegah, First Spaceship On Venus, The Galaxy Invader, Gammera the Invincible, Hercules Against The Moonmen, Hercules and the Captive Women, Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon, Hercules Unchained, Horrors of Spider Island, The Incredible Petrified World, Killers From Space, King of Kong Island, Laser Mission, Lost Jungle, Menace From Outer Space, Mesa of Lost Women, Phantom From Space, The Phantom Planet, Planet Outlaws, Prehistoric Women, Queen of the Amazons, Robot Monster, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, She Gods of Shark Reef, The Snow Creature, Son of Hercules, Teenagers From Outer Space, The Wasp Woman, They Came From Beyond Space, Unknown World, Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women, Warning From Space, White Pongo, The Wild Women of Wongo, Zontar, the Thing From Venus

50 Mysteries

50 Mystery Movies

And I also found the same type of package for Mystery/Noir movies. I've been thinking about what can be done with Sherlock Holmes. So far the muses have not spoken to me. But I figure that once I begin scanning through some of these I'll get a few ideas quickly. There's just so many possibilities with that character.

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge, Bulldog Drummond Escapes, Bulldog Drummond In Africa, Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police, Bulldog Drummond Comes Back, Bulldog Drummond's Peril, Dick Tracy(Detective), Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, Dick Tracy vs. Cueball, The Shadow Strikes, International Crime ("The Shadow"), Mr. Moto's Last Warning, The Mysterious Mr. Wong, Mr. Wong, Detective (1938), The Sign Of Four ("Sherlock Holmes"), The Triumph Of Sherlock Holmes, Silver Blaze ("Murder At the Baskervilles"), The Woman In Green ("Sherlock Holmes"), A Study In Scarlet ("Sherlock Holmes"), Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon, Terror By Night ("Sherlock Holmes"), Dressed To Kill ("Sherlock Holmes"), Nancy Drew, Reporter, The Kennel Murder Case, The Death Kiss, Suddenly, Impact, He Walked By Night, Quicksand, Eyes In The Night, The Man On The Eiffel Tower, Topper Returns, The Green Glove, The Second Woman, Fog Island, They Made Me A Criminal, Jigsaw, Algiers, Murder With Pictures, The Stranger, Murder at Midnight, Kansas City Confidential, Detour, Too Late for Tears, Mystery Liner, Scarlet Street, Midnight Manhunt, Murder By Television, The Moonstone, Great Guy

So What Else Is Out There

I guess I'm going to find out as I peruse around Netflix, Amazon, and the library. But it's really looking like I'll have more material than I original thought I would. And in a lot better condition.

And another thought just occurred. I need to start checking out the video bins at the Bargain and Dollar stores. There are always tons of DVDs there really, really cheap.

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  1. Try and I was looking for sites that offer rare movies and tv shows and stumbled across this one tonight-

    Those 'rare' sites are pricey options, but maybe it can help in the search.