Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hold Your Horses, You'll Get You Vacation vid...


Making Progress

Yeap, making progress all right. And I'm actually not getting as lost as I was when I first started playing with Motion. Guess I'm starting to acclimate to the 3D environment in the motion graphics. But it's not been easy.

I've got about 1½ minutes [ in beta ] for Bev to see this weekend. No music, just some individual pieces. Still needs a lot of polish. I know I'll improve as time goes on but this one is still rough.

I did happen to run across a free plug-in that allows you to create the Apple Coverflow. It's called CoverFlux. I used to to display the food dishes we had at one of the restaurants. Took about 20 minutes to get it arranged and functioning correctly. Not bad. Very easy to set up.
We have all seen the gorgeous scrolling image carousel that iTunes and Finder uses. CoverFlux reproduces that slide-show effect for still images, producing movies & project files for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Final Cut Express & After Effects.
The Kinetic Text is also coming along, albeit slowly. It takes time to get the text to go where you actually want it to go.


And those 24 sides of Sci-Fi classics I ripped. They are now being converted into avi files and will I'll be making some clips for the Marvel-style clipboard sequence. I'm thinking that might actually make a better intro than my current one. And seeing how my vidding style has changed, maybe I need to change the intro also.

houseCleaning, Civvi (talk | contribs) - (Clip art vacuum cleaner {{PD-OpenClipart}})

Clutter Free

So I'm not allowing myself to be swayed in the direction of making another mashup until I get some of these other things done. Even if they are more housekeeping than anything else.

Housekeeping is boring, but necessary. Just like the ripping is boring, but necessary. But it all pays off when you're working and need to find something quickly. If you didn't do the housekeeping you might drive yourself crazy looking for it. I know, I did that before I got myself organized...

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