Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Green Hornet Project


The Hornet From Start To Finish

For this project I figure I'd like to chronicle the project from the very first thought. I've always thought back to where a vid began but never jotted down notes with all the details. So this is for you, and probably a lot more for me, to see where this vid came from.

The whole story is rather long but is an insight to my thinking process while creating a vid like this and is under the cut. But first, the vid...

Before The First Glimmer

This project really started when I heard the song from Peter G. Price over at SoundCloud. I sent him an email about me using his music, Theme from the Memory Man. It caught my attention as something I wanted to use for an opening. At the time I didn't have any idea what video I would be using. I'm still very much in the procedure of locating and downloading tons of Public Domain material.

I listened to the tune as few times trying to get a handle on what I want to do with it. It had that distinctive British Feel from the 60s or 70s. My first thought was the same as Peter's was that it would go well with something like The Persuaders.

To The Theme Library

I opening up my theme library and looked at not only The Persuaders theme but also a few more from that era [ The Saint, The Professionals, Department S ] but definitely, The Persuaders was the best fit.

It's A Little Short

Theme from the Memory Man is an excellent rendition of a 60s theme but it was quite a bit shorter than The Persuaders theme. And since I wanted to keep it fairly close to that one I thought I'd see if I could make it a bit longer.

I pulled it into Final Cut Pro and started the playback. As the music played I began laying in markers. That way I could see where the intro, stanza, and outro occurred. There were two similar stanzas but they weren't identical. Both entered and exited a bit differently.

I made cuts of the first stanza [S1] and duplicated it [S2]. Then I inserted [S2] after the [S1]. Going from the [S1] to [S2] transitioned well but the transition from [S2] to other stanza [S3] didn't work. I found that doing a rolling edit forward found a point where everything matched up and left no discernible editing sounds.

Now For The Video

After the music was edited nicely it was time to figure out what show to do.

The Persuaders was all about a rich British kid and poor American kid growing up and how the poor American kid made good and became rich. They meet, teamed up and were off on their adventures. What I needed was a duo from diverse backgrounds who met, formed a relationship, and go off and have adventures.

If I were doing this in the past my choices would have been endless. But today I have a lot less choices. I begin looking through my list of movies thinking this might prove daunting.

But as luck will have it I had already download the 1940 Green Hornet serial [ The one with Key Luke as Kato ]. There was the rich American publisher and the poor Korean man whom he saved. They became friends and went off to have adventures. Couldn't think of a better match up.

Images For The Intro

The start of the opening shows various pictures of Brett and Danny growing up. I doubted very much whether I could find pictures like that for the Gordon Jones and Keye Luke so I decided to just find period pictures that matched the year and locations: New York City upper society and Singapore/Korea lower class. I knew the Wikimedia would have some of the material I needed but it didn't have enough. That took quite a bit of searching especially since I needed the images to be Public Domain. After an evenings worth of work I located about 20 images I felt would work.

And while looking for still images I ran across Public Domain videos from the late 1930s and early 1940s. Between these, and the still images, the intro will appear very similar.

In order to replicate the beginning sequence to The Persuaders I needed lots of images from the early 1940s. The only place I knew of was Wikimedia Commons. After only one night I was able to find enough images to place into the sequence to mimic the original opening. I know some of them don't exactly fit. But it's not like I have the entire internet to play with anymore...


The Persuaders uses one of those absolutely, positively psychedelic font. I instantly recognized it as such. Unfortunately I was unable to locate that exact font [ for free ]. I did, however, find one of my other favorite fonts from that era called, appropriately, Seventies. I think it's a pretty good fit.

The Name Of The Vid

Occasionally this is the most difficult aspect of a vid. Sometimes the name just pops out at me and other times I struggle with coming up with a viable name.

I wanted something that sounded like The Persuaders, a one word title with a definite article. The first thing that popped into my head was The Crusaders but unfortunately that instantly brought to mind the 1960s Batman/Green Hornet crossover. And I didn't want that

As I was cutting clips I found the clip with the plaque to the newspaper, The Sentinel and it hit me. The Sentinels was perfect as it both tied into the newspaper and also stood for the guardians of the city.

End Thoughts

There are probably things I forgot because I didn't write everything down. I'm going to try again next time to be more diligent.

This whole project gives vidding a brand new challenge. Something it didn't have before. I intend to see just how far I can take it...


  1. This is so awesome, I love the juxtaposition of their lives in the opening photos. I didn't even know there was a 40's Green Hornet. And the insight into video making is cool too. It does take a lot of prep and forethought and research before one even begins to cut and splice.

    1. I plan on doing that with every vid. It's not only for anyone who is interested but also for me. I'd forgotten about so much of the prep from previous vids and I want to make sure I track those thoughts this time around.

      And the newest vid uses something I picked up over at - thanx...