Monday, February 27, 2012

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [7]

Deep Thought, This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

It's Been A Hectic Week

I just realized how much I had done this week and how much I hadn't posted. Probably due to the upcoming job search that's going to start. But that's another story.

The Motion In The Ocean - The Atlantic

Work continues on learning Motion 4 in an attempt to placate give my relevant other the vacation vid she's wanted. I doubt it will achieve the level I would like but everyone needs to start somewhere.

I have the beginning done as a beta and will be showing Bev this weekend. That way she can tell me if she likes it or not. Since it's primarily for her she gets a good bit of say so in the final product. But she's been patient. I told her when the muse hit something interesting would pop up and I believe now is the time.

Originally I was going to do a commentary style akin to what I had seen with Felicia Day's trip to Belize.

I do love perky redheads. But I digress. Although that style works for her I'm not sure if it would work for me. I'm just not that perky. Instead I've decided to go with the kinetic type style I posted previously.I'm far more capable of creating type in a humourous manner rather than trying to do in on screen. I leave that to the professionals.

Ripping Is Still Boring

I'm still in the process of ripping all the disks I got. There are still 24 sides to rip with all the Sci-Fi movies I got. Then after I get them all ripped they need to go into the database so I can keep track of them. Yet another housekeeping chore. It's amazing just how much of vidding isn't actually vidding. It's taking care of the little things that keep order to the larger effort.

Quantity vs. Quality

As I suspected many of the movies on these movie packs are not the greatest quality. Some of them actually look like there were ripped from an old VHS copy. BUt I knew that was a distinct possibility. Even if only ½ of them turn out as good quality I'll still have lots more than I'll have time to use.

The Charade vid

projector,'ve now got an excellent version of the movie and will be proceeding with that one - as soon as the muse decides to visit me. One of the main problems [ which plagues all my new vidding efforts ] is finding the best song to use.

I could see this as a great Mission Impossible mashup or The Avengers or maybe even an Inception trailer. There's probably a dozen more I could think of given a little time. But now I'm relegating myself to non-copyrighted music. And that makes it a little more time-consuming. If I can find a piece I can use that sounds like any of these that's the direction it will take. Until then I'll keep looking.

Okay, back to work...

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