Saturday, February 18, 2012

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [6]

This is a little something I need to write just to get out of my system. It's not a grip and it's not a rant and it's not a bitch about anybody's fandom. It's just my feelings about how important a role content plays in some vidder's lives.
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Content vs. Technique

A while back I had this discussion with a few people over at LiveJournal. The discussin was about what was more important, Content or Technique. It was generally agreed that content was the overriding factor every time.

Most viewers on YouTube are there to see vids of their favorite shows and stars. For the most part technique played second fiddle every time. People would rather watch less than stellar vids that contained the stars they loved rather than well executed vids using footage from less than popular shows or material they've never heard of. They just couldn't wrap their heads around a vid containing people they didn't know or care about.

Why Do You Say That?

Mainly cause its true. I don't have a problem with this. I still watch more Doctor Who vids than anything else. That's my main fandom. I have more Doctor Who mashups in my library than anything else. So I'm not that much different than most other viewers. Where I differ is I will click on that vid that contains video from a show or movie I've never seen or possibly don't even like. I actually have some Twilight vids in the library and I really dislike the books and would never watch the movie.

Why Do You Have Them?

I keep them around cause some of them are very well made. It doesn't matter that I dislike the subject matter. What matters is I like the work that went into making them. I would probably like them better if they used a show I liked more but I deal with it.

This is where I differ from others vidders/viewers. I watch things that are outside my fandom because, and just because, they might contain some interesting styles and techniques. For me the technique is more important than the content.

No, I'm Not Imagining It

Since I dropped using copyrighted video the viewership for my vids also dropped dramatically. Did I change my vidding procedure? No. I'm vidding the same, if not better, than I did before. The difference is in the material I'm using. Where before I would receive many comments about how someone liked the latest Doctor Who vid I created I've received relatively few comments on the new stuff.

No big deal. I mostly create me art for myself. If someone else enjoys it, then that's a bonus.

Will You Make More Doctor Who Vids?

No, I won't be. Even though I miss the views and comments I have an objective in mind. And also I need to prove to myself that I can create in the same vein as before with less quantity [and sometimes less quality]. It's at least ten times the amount of work, I've not more but I'm finding that the satisfaction level also exceeds what I used to feel.

When I set out on this new path it was bound to be a bit bumpy. I knew there would be roadblocks along the way and I might get lost. But I decided not to give up, to stay the course. Even if I was abandoned by most of the people who enjoyed my previous work. They will have wandered off in search of new vids containing their current fandoms. That will make them happy. And doing the types of vids I'm doing now is making me happy. That said, we're all happy with want we have.

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