Saturday, February 11, 2012

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [5]

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After Thoughts

It's been three days since I uploaded the Green Hornet vid and since I posted my thoughts about the creation of the vid I figured I should also post my thoughts after it went live. It's certainly a different world now that I've gone Coyright-Free.

After talking to another vidder I decided to track my thoughts both before and after on all my vids from now on. What I remember from the first three years of vidding is a bit hazy. This will help me keep track of where I was at any particular point in time.

Decreased Views

That's certainly an understatement. When I previously uploaded something like a Doctor Who mashup I was likely to see views in the hundreds after a few days. And I had come to expect decent numbers on my vids, even for the slightly off-the-wall ones.

I knew things were going to change. I did not expect people who were fans of my previous mashups to appreciate the new direction I was headed.

What's Different

First, I'm no longer using high profile fandom material. The last vid uses video that's over 70 years old. I doubt if the majority of people even knew a Green Hornet serial existed that far back.

Second, I don't use recognizable theme songs anymore. Many people watched some of the oddest mashups I did because it had the MacGyver theme behind it. Now that I'm using music that sounds like a TV theme song it's not got that same hook to it.

What's The Same?

There are a lot of things that arethe same. Mostly the thrill of creating something. And that's my primary motivation for vidding in the first place. I love to create new things. But that's a motive many vids can claim. But I found a second, more driving force in my vidding. Ad that'd the need to Get It Right.

If an opening I was doing required a particular style of quick-cut I would endeavor to duplicate that style. If there was an effect they used in the original, I tried my best to duplicate it as closely as possible. When they used close-ups or long shots I tried to match the type of clip. All these things where's done to make my mashup mimic the original.

Any Regrets?

Of course there are regrets. I loved creating mashups with the shows I loved. I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

But the change did do one thing. It made vidding a challenge again. No longer do I have an idea on a Saturday morning, start working on it throughout the day and upload the finished product that night. Can't really do that anymore. These new vids take a lot more planning and searching. For one thing, I'm not as close to the material as I was before. I knew untold amount of themes by heart, not just the music, but the clip pattern. That's why I could see one scene and match it to another theme so quickly.

The basic process is also different now. Where before I used to see a scene from a show and something would click in my head and give me a new muse. I knew exactly which theme I could make something out of. Now, it usually starts out with the music. I hear one of the pieces I've collected and know it sounds like the theme from a show I know. Then I dive into the public domain library to see if I can find something to match it up with.


  1. I'm still a fan. This is all a very unique approach to video making and it forces creativity. Bravo!

    1. It's so very different than the way I used to vid. It forces you to think a whole lot more. I can see why a lot of vidders would balk at this. It's more work about the technical aspects and less about the actual fandom.

      This endeavor is just getting out of first gear. There's a whole lot of territory I mean to cover in the coming months...