Monday, February 6, 2012

All Sounds Same To Me...


More Time On SoundCloud

This new vidding system definitely takes a lot more time. I have to actively search for new music or music that might fit a particular project. And those searches take a lot of time.

What Do You Mean It Never Gets Old?

The tedious part of searching SoundCloud is the propensity of ambient, electronic, and hiphop music. I'd have to say that none of those categories are usable as TV themes. And if that style was used in a TV opening it's probably not the style of opening I'd be interested in.

And quite a few of them start out with the same electronic drumbeat. Why does it always have to sound the same? These too are unusable. It's the rare piece which is actually done with sounds that resemble an orchestra.

It's times like these that I wish I was proficient with Garagband and that I have purchased the orchestra pack.

Okay, Slow and Easy Wins the Race.

Rinse and Repeat...


  1. I just joined

    I *think* It's only $1.35 or so to get songs for video usage. It depends on the presentation. But it doesn't hurt to check out.

    1. They also have a section called 'TV themes' that can help narrow the search. Their sounds are good too, I browsed last night.

    2. I just signed up last night and have a few favorited. This is one of the best sites I've seen so far.

      I'm preparing a little entry regarding this site.

      Thank you...