Friday, January 27, 2012

Thoughts After That First Project

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The Past

For three years the only thing I was worried about was getting that next vid out. The past two years I was averaging 45 vids a year. I really didn't see an end in sight.

But that all changed in late 2011.

The Past

Been over it before. The YouTube thing would have destroyed my channel with it's copyright crap. So I took them down before that happened. I figured I'd move on sooner or later. They just hurried the process.

The Present

Now my attitude seems to have been altered dramatically. I'm no longer in a hurry to get stuff out. I'm perfectly satisfied to instead get it right. Instead of working on a vid day and night cause it had to be done and leaving stuff in the apartment undone [ putting away laundry, washing dinner dishes, or many other day-to-day tasks ] I'm content to put aside the vid in order to do those daily tasks on a daily basis. I think I would have continued on in that same vein had it not been for the copyright problems.

Bev also likes this as I have now promised to complete the project I said I would do regarding our vacation photos. It's a win for her.

But another thing that did was to allow me to think of other directions I could go, other art-forms I wanted to pursue. I had owned Apple Motion for nearly two years but had barely looked at it. After the incident I picked up the manual and started practicing. Something I hadn't thought about while I was full on vidding.

I've also picked up drawing again. it's on the iPad but I'm drawing again. Bev has asked me a number 0f times if I was ever going to draw again. I told her I didn't know. I just didn't feel like it. Now I know what was standing in my way.

The Future

I really have no boundaries for the future. My old ways are left behind but the future has endless possibilities. Sure I won't be doing anything with my old fandoms. And I'm sure that some people from my previous vidding days won't be interested in my work anymore. But I've always thought that your artwork has to be first and foremost for yourself. If other people enjoy it, then that's just a bonus.

This last vid was more fun than any I'd done in the last six months of 2011. And it was a lot more work. But that's a good thing. The TV Mashups were getting to easy. And easy gets boring after a while. So I took the skills I had learned over those three years and started applying them in a different way.

I'll also be shooting my own video and creating my own artwork for some new projects. And all that will take time and effort. There won't be anymore I have an idea in the morning and get the vid done before I go to bed. It won't work like that anymore. It will require more planning and more work to produce these vids now.

When your artwork gets too easy it's time to move on...

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  1. That all sounds very interesting. I'll be curious to see where your creativity goes, because you are very creative! I've slowed down considerably myself, too much internet and projects leaves little room for 'Real' life and what's most important. And sometimes, you just lose interest or even burn out. I've had all that happen over the last 6-7 years with my fan work. I like to consider myself a writer first and foremost, and now that has started to get wearisome. So I needed to break from everything. I do plan on future videos, but just can't bring myself to clip and cut right now. I can understand your pain. Nice blog! I will follow along when I can. :)