Friday, January 6, 2012

Practice, Practice, And More Practice Makes Perfect

appleMotionWell, I've just got done going through a few tutorials and although I did get lost in 3D space a couple of times I actually did get some decent results. I haven't had this much fun since, ooooh let me think, April of 2009 when I started the mashups.

What Did I Learn Today

I found out how easy it is to create an Indiana Jones style map where the red link draws the path from the starting point to the finish. I was going to put some sparklies on the line but Beverly told me no. Some of the maps will come straight from Google maps but I've got a couple of other maps I obtained while we were in Florida. I'll see if I can fit those in somehow.

And doing a variation of the coverflow style with pictures throwing a soft reflection on the ground looked quite nice. Yeah, that's the one where I really got lost. Every time I switched to the perspective camera it showed a black screen and then I could find any of the material I knew I had placed.

And The Best Thing Is...

But the biggest thing I realize is that I'm getting the same feeling I did when I started vidding the mashups. Everything was new and shiny and for the most part I really had no idea what types of limitations there might be.

I'm beginning to think that getting all those Content ID warnings might have done me good. I had Motion installed on my computer for quite a while but never did anything with it. I was perfectly satisfied playing around in Final Cut Pro.

Will I Ever Do Another Mashup?

I may do an occasional mashup. You can't just drop something like that completely. I had way too many interesting ideas in the project folders. But the main one I really want to complete is the Life on Mars mashup. That's because it's in reality a Motion project.

The entire opening was set in front of a giant moving video wall. I had tried to do it entirely in Final Cut but that failed miserably. So I figured that Motion would be the only way to possibly make this work. But too many other mashups got in the way and I never went back to it. Maybe the time it ripe to revisit that project...

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