Monday, January 23, 2012

Pick A Theme - Any Theme...


The Old Ways

If I were doing mashups the old way I know what song I would pick for this Night of the Living Dead mashup. The theme to the movie Experiment in Terror. It was moody and scary and set the right tone for the movie I have.

But not just any old version. It would have to be the version from my favorite old time Saturday night horror show from Pittsburgh called Chiller Theater [1]

Experiment in Terror - Al Caiola

But "I ain't like that no more". [2] I don't use other people's music without their consent so this song is out.

The New Way?

I'm beginning to scrub through the Creative Commons material I found looking for something that catches my ear. It's not like before when I'd just think about a catchy theme I liked and that would be it. Now it means listening to a lot of pieces waiting to hear the right sound.

[1] A really cheesy low-budget horror show from the 1960s starring Bill Cardille which showed the worst of the worst horror movies ever...
[2] Will Munny - The Unforgiven [1992]

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