Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now That's Free Music

garagebandLogoPreviously I posted about how difficult it was going to be to find music to use for some of my project, specifically the ones which will contain material that I'm actually creating myself. And I said how the Creative Common Share Alike license wasn't the way I wanted to go because it allowed other people to actually use what I've done for commercial purposes if they were so inclined.

It May Not Be Perfect, But It's Free

There's a saying in the Design business.

You can have it Good, Fast, and Cheap - Pick Two!

And that's exactly what I thought about Magic Garageband when I saw the this video... which, unfortunately, I can't find again. I have it on the computer but my search of YouTube has come up blank.

But I did find this other one. It's not as good as the MacBreak Studio one I have but it will get the idea across.

So Why Would I Be Interested In This?

For one thing this entire project is an attempt to see if I can create material with absolutely no copyrighted material. And this does create music which no one can ever lay claim to.

But remember the motto from above: Good, Fast, and Cheap. I've picked my two, Fast, and Cheap. It's not bad, but it's definitely not the best music ever. But like I said, no one can ever lay claim to it.

And with a little work and some live input it might make a passable piece of music for a project.

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