Thursday, January 5, 2012

Now Off To The Tutorials

appleMotionI finally got all the Motion tutorials converted and back into iTunes. And what that means is, I can finally start delving into the actually workings of Motion. And now I can understand what I've heard when people say You can get lost in 3D space real easy. Up is down and down is sideways. But I think I'm off to a good start.

It really is unlike Final Cut. The interfaces are not at all similar, keyframing is done differently, and did I mention you can get lost in 3D space? Yeah, I did say that.

But after one evening messing around I actually got two test files to work - kinda, sorta. They're nothing that will end up in the final project but it's enough to show me what the program is capable of.

This really is what I've been needing in my vidding endeavors. I love the mashups. But they were getting too easy and the satisfaction that I was getting was diminishing with each one I did. I know from past experiences that if my hobby fails to challenge me I start to lose interest and I will slowly drift away. My longest stint with one hobby was medieval manuscript painting. I did that for nearly 20 years. Even my close friends were amazed I stuck with it for so long.

Below is a piece I did based on the Maurice Sendak book, Where The Wild Things Are.


Unfortunately during a time of poverty a few years back I had to sell the piece. It really was my favorite and I wish it hadn't come to that. But hard times call for hard measures...

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