Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Site For Music

spindleIt's tough finding music to use in a project like this. With the copyright wars ramping up more and more material is becoming unusable. That's why it will take longer to find the correct music for any particular project I have in mind.

But there are places to go. You just have to be patient once you get there.


soundcloudOne of the new sites I just found this morning is Soundcloud and in particular there's one nice link on their site which displays all the Creative Commons material there. It's

I've just begun exploring this site. One of the first pieces I came across was Theme from the Memory Man. Has the right sound to it but this one is not listed as a Creative Commons piece.

NOTE : If you're using Flashblock, or some other blocker plugin you will have to turn it off to listen.

I've sent a message off to the composer but I'm still waiting for a response. This would be perfect for an old 60s British show like The Persuaders, Department S.

If I don't get any response from him then I can't use it. Dem's the rules now...

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