Monday, January 30, 2012

Do The Little Jobs Before They Become The Big Jobs


Sorting, What A Boring Job

Yeah, it's boring. But if I don't sort all the music I've collected now it will really get the better of me. Right now I've only got around 200 pieces of music. I created a new iTunes library to hold it. Figured it's easier separating it rather than trying to keep everything in the same library. At the rate I'm collecting CC music it could get out of hand very quickly.

So tonight I'll be spending my time attempting to categorize the music into genres and marking the ones I think might make good theme songs. All necessary work. But seriously, not a lot of fun.

The Other Reason To Sort Things

The other reason to sort out all the music will be for other projects that aren't going to be TV opening credits. There are short little projects which will require a little background music. So I figure I should be a little prepared for when I start one of those.

Excellent News

I got permission to use a little 0:45 second piece of music I found on SoundCloud. It will be perfect for a 60s-70s style British spy opening. It was such a quick response I wasn't prepared with what video I would match it up with. But it's so perfect of a piece.

But instead of looking through the video collection I'm stuck here sorting music. bitch bitch ** moan moan.

But in the end it's a lot of fun even though it's ten times the amount of work than before...

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