Saturday, January 28, 2012

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [3]

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A New Way Of Thinking

After I dropped everything I'd done, every procedure of vidding I lived by for three years, I found my focus had disappeared. For weeks I couldn't get my head wrapped around what I needed to do. Sometimes I wondered if I would ever make another vid. For a while it looked so hopeless I figured I'd just give up vidding as a hobby.

But then that first vid was complete and the fog seemed to disappear.

What Changed?

A lot changed. First I was very dependent on what I knew. The shows I was vidding and the themes I was using were so entrenched in my mind that all I needed to do was see one scene from a show and I could match it up with a theme song. I had so many of these thoughts my project folder was overflowing. I would never get to all those mashups.

And speaking about the shows, I worked a lot with shows I was very close to and that I loved. That meant I knew most of the little scenes that I would need. They were all tucked away in the back part of my brain. And after having seen hundreds of TV themes over the years all those openings had become second nature to me.

It was no chore at all to make connections between a show and theme to match it.

Then when I proceeded to make a mashup the pattern of what clips I was going to need was laid out in front of me. I didn't have to think how any it would be put together. It was already done for me.

But that all disappeared...

What Stayed The Same?

Even though I no longer had those tools, I did have the experience garnered from three years of vidding. So that's what I had to rely on. And having hundreds of TV themes in my head also helped when figuring out what needed to go into my new theme.

All those themes consisted of similar patterns. Patterns of clips, patterns of title shots, patterns of closeups vs long shots. I just had to draw on that and create a brand new pattern.

The End Result

What I ended up with was the development of a new work flow. And that's the important part. It's what I've done with every new job I've every been on. Find out what problems you will face on a job and develop a way to work in order to complete the task. So that's what I did with my vidding.

I make my clippings based on the feelings I have for the shape of the opening rather than viewing the original and finding corresponding clips.

I view my video source then attempt to find a piece of music from the library which conveys the same feeling instead of reaching back to remember an old theme song which would work.

But most of all I developed a sense of letting myself go to create rather than re-create which is actually what I had been doing for three years.

How Do I Feel About It?

I can't remember as much vidding in such a long time. Technically it's not my best work but creatively it made me feel great. I am so looking forward to some of the other tangents I've thought about.

No more one-trick pony for me...

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