Monday, January 23, 2012

Deep Thoughts About Vidding [1]

Deep Thought, This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.I've had many Deep Thoughts since I changed my vidding habits. But I haven't written any of them down. So I figure that since this blog is all about how I'm changing my vidding I should keep track of those thoughts as well.

Do I Miss The Old Mashups

In a way YES and in a way NO. I miss the creativity it took to create them. Each one was a special combination. It was unlike any other art-form I had done before. So yes, I miss it. But on the other hand, I don't miss it. It had started to become too easy. I used to work on a mashup for a week or more when I first started. Toward the end I'd have an idea in the morning and would finish it before I went to bed. In essence, it had started to get too easy.

Will I Ever Do A TV Opening Mashup Again?

Yes I will. In fact that's the first thing coming up. I was going to do a Motion 4 piece but realized I need more practice with the program before I start. So I'll do a little Instant Gratification project to fill the gap.

What Other Styles Are You Planning

I think the skies the limit now. I have a video camera so there's definitely some live-action stuff possible. It's not a great camera but it will be adequate. I've also seen some work from the Common Craft people who do some great tutorials on a whiteboard and coloured cutouts. Definitely room for some interesting material. A friend of mine wants to do something with a motion comic. Previously I had done a character drawing for her as a joke for a friend. She thinks it might actually make for a decent comic. So right now I actually have more than I can think of and that's probably why I'm stalled out. Couldn't exactly decide where to go first.

Why Nothing New In Almost Two Months?

I put it down to the need to change gears. Everything came to a sudden halt and I had to rethink everything I was doing. For a while I wasn't sure which way to turn. Then I had a thought about vidding with nothing but Public Domain and Creative Commons material. It was harder than I thought. But I think I see a direction now. And I hope to have something out in February.

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