Sunday, December 25, 2011

Vidding-A New Beginning


Well, it's been about a month since the attack on my YouTube channel forced me to delete everything I had done. It was difficult to do but I figure it's now time to move on. Rather than stand toe-to-toe against an winnable situation I decided to remove the vids from the channel to save it from termination. Mainly cause once it's terminated you can't connect another YouTube channel to your main email.

The Evil Powers That Be

You see, the big media companies have begun to be more aggressive in what they demand YouTube remove. They don't like people stealing their stuff!. Even if it's only for a parody or making something that's for fair use.

I've seen quite a few vids and channels disappear lately. But the funny thing is it seems to be selective. Many of the very popular vids, which also contain copyrighted material, continue to be untouched. Well, at least for now. Who knows what the future may bring it SOPA/PIPA get passed.

My Decision

My decision was to explore ways to create vids similar to what I had done previously but using only public domain and creative commons material. Sounded like an interesting idea. It also sounded like an excellent challenge. And with that I decided that I should start up a blog dedicated to that new path.

This Blog

The first few entries of this blog will be for catching up with what I've already done. I've been exploring alternatives for the straight mashups I used to do. Everything from possible video sources that are available to free music that I could use. Then there's the original art ideas that have been suggested.

I will also post what I find regarding the whole copyright vs fair use problem I've encountered. It's a tightrope and I think the media companies have a somewhat unfair advantage [i.e. they got more money].

After I catch up I will start chronicling whatever new material I uncover.

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