Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recording On The Cheap

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When I decided to give it a try and produce a motion comic one of the things that I thought might present a problem is, recording the voices. They need to me clean and not not have that echo sound. I figured that meant I was going to have to purchase some type of microphone and recording device.

But there's always other solutions - you just have to search for them.

Voice Captures On The Cheap

One method I had been told about was to use the microphone from my video camera. If you try to use it when you're filming you generally get a pretty crappy sound. It's too far away to capture voices and the surrounding sound makes everything sound terrible. But since I'm doing a motion comic it's not being filmed. All the work will be on the computer. But that doesn't mean that the video camera still can't be of use.

Use What's Already In Your Pocket

Here's another good tip I found using a piece of equipment I own that's always on my person - my iPhone. It might not be the best microphone in the world but it's certainly better, and easier to use, than the mic on my laptop. And until I actually get some better recording equipment it will have to do.

I'll see how this works for the first one. And frankly, if I need a retake, most of the people who have agreed to take on speaking roles have a smartphone which they can use and email the retakes.

Ain't technology wonderful...

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