Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meeting With My Co-Creater

The holidays are finally taking a break. And I'm finally going to be able to sit down with Vaunda and talk about our little creation. We've spoken over the phone and I've sent her some material I've done, but you know that's never enough when something new is getting started.

It Was Her Idea

Yes! Vaunda was the source of this idea. I can't say anything yet as we've only got a name and some vague images I've doodled on the iPad. So until I talk to her, and figure out the exact copyright, or creative commons license, I can't publish any images. But they'll be here soon enough.

This is so different. When doing the mashups I had no one else involved. I was the entire crew from start to finish [ with a few rare exceptions ]. Now I actually have to confer with others before proceeding.

But it's only right as this character we're doing was all because of something that was said in her office. And she relayed it onto me and that's when I told her I was thinking of doing an entire strip about it. I had no idea of the direction but I needed something to fill the void of not doing mashups anymore.

So I hope things go well tomorrow. I foresee no problems. This is a non-commercial venture so no one any money riding of this thing. And that's good. We're keeping our expectations low and want it to continue to be just for the fun of it

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