Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MacBook Pro; iPad; or Pen and Ink

sketchbookProNow that things seem to be going well it's time to figure out where the art will come from. I have three choices for this.
1. Go back to the beginning and do it with my pen, brush, and ink.
2. Use Photoshop on my MacBook Pro.
3. Or take a new route and use SketchBook on my iPad.

All three have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pen and Ink

My first thought had always been that I would create the images with my pen and ink. It's what I'm most familiar with. It's also what I have the most control over. Probably due to the 20+ years I've been working with these tools.

I sitl have my tools and have dabbled with them over the years. I'm still fully capable of producing lots of drawings with these tools in a short amount of time.

Photoshop on the MacBook Pro

Photoshop, on the other hand, has the tremendous advantage of being able to change things or correct mistakes fairly easily. Nice when you've got a ton of images that need drawn. And the ability to create multiple, moving sets of images would speed things up tremndously. One image with a couple of layers for movement. It's nice.

SketchBook on the iPad

Lastly there's not the iPad option. I just got my Bamboo stylus in and have found it so easy to draw on the iPad. Mainly cause you can actually watch the screen as you paint, Something you can't do with the Wacom tablet while using Photoshop. It's still a little tricky controlling it but I'm getting more relaxed with it every time I use it.

The biggest disadvantage I see is unlike Photoshop you can't change the resolution of the image.

The biggest advantage is you draw directly on the screen unlike when I'm using my Wacom tablet on the computer.

And The Winner Is...

Glad I'm off for a week so I can play around with all three and make an informed decision.

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