Monday, December 26, 2011

Down the tubes for YouTube


Before The Fall

My main vidding area used to be TV Opening Credit Mashups. I loved taking a theme song and finding video from another show to create a mashup. And the sillier, the better. Many of my mashups were definitely NOT in popular fandoms. But I liked them anyway.

Lightning Strike One

The first lightning strike was when I noticed how a few older vids were getting Content ID notices from YouTube. Things that had been up for two or three years without a problem were getting noticed by someone. So YouTube sent me a message how that vid was blocked in such-and-such a country. That was okay until the number of vid affected began mounting up.

Lightning Strike Two

The next strike was an actual Copyright Strike against a vid which had been posted two years prior. The name of the vid was I Spy Who. It used video from Doctor Who done to the theme of I Spy. As stated, there was no problem for two years.

So, was it the owner of Doctor Who, The BBC, who claimed that copyright?

NO! They've never had a problem with any of my Doctor Who vids.

Was it the owner of I Spy, Three F Productions, who claimed the copyright?

NO! Never heard from them about this vid in all that time.

In truth, it was a company by the name of The Peter Rogers Organization [PRO] who was responsible for the strike. And just what does The Peter Rogers Organization own that might have been in my vid? Actually, they didn't own a damn thing that was in the vid. They hold the copyright to the artwork used in I Spy. And my vid never used any of the I Spy artwork.

But what I suspect is that they have their hand in somewhere for the distribution of the boxed set for I Spy

Lightning Strike Three

There is no lightning strike three because I decided to remove all the vids before it was escalated to that level. You have to pick your battles and this one was not going to be won. The end results would have been the termination of my channel which would have gained me nothing.

In Conclusion

I've decided that it's more important to create than to fight with YouTube. So I'm changing my direction. I will continue to create material to post to YouTube but in a way that they can't claim I violated anybody's copyright.

But I only see the problem getting worse. Every single company and person is getting itchy about somebody stealing their stuff. And even though vidders are not trying to make any money from what they do they are in the crosshairs of every single owner of the materials they use.

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