Thursday, December 29, 2011

Digital Art On The iPad

iPadBeen testing outdoing artwork on the iPad with Sketchbook Pro. Since I got the stylus it's way easier than trying to draw with my finger. The next step is trying to figure out the exact style I need to do.

What I've Tried So Far

A painterly style is right out. Takes too long to complete one image. At that range I might put out one motion comic a year.

I looked into doing a standard comic book style with the black ink feathering look. Problem is the iPad works at 72 dpi. And although I can produce some nice painting style images it's not conducive for fine line drawing. Guess I'm used to what I used to be able to get when using my crow's quill.

There are still a few other cartoon styles to check out that don't require the fine detail feather. If I produce some usable images then that's what I'll probably go with.

And A Little Picture I Made

Here's the best of the black ink feathering work I did so far.


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